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New Building & Addition

Building from the ground up gives the best opportunity to create a space that fits your every need. Our team works closely with the client, architects , civil and structural engineers, and city planning commission to account for every detail and ensure that projects flow smoothly from planning thru building to deliver a successful and beautiful project.

Remodel & Renovation

Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, interior or exterior living space, our team can shape your existing space into the home of your dreams with creativity and intelligent design. Designs, material selection, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, and scheduling are streamlined and tracked, making the remodeling process transparent, much simpler, more enjoyable, and easier to trust.

Custom Built-in Cabinets

Some spaces need custom solutions. Our team can design and built custom built-ins for your space. Transform an unused space into a functional part of your home. Offices, entertainment centers, closets, and more. 

Design & Consultation

From color pallets to building plans, our design team can help you get your project started. Utilize our experience and expertise to select finishes and materials. Our honest opinion and can help you create your ideal living space while meeting your budget needs. Work with our team on level that suits your needs to see your project to completion. 


"We focus on quality craftsmanship in our design forward building. With honest communication, thoughtful planning, and genuine care, we build lasting relationships with our clients creating living spaces tailored to their vision. Our ongoing pursuit of knowledge keeps us up to date on the latest building techniques and materials that, coupled with our tried and tested experience, deliver the highest quality product. "

Phillip Crabbe



Phillip Crabbe has over 15 years of hands on building and high end construction management on Monterey Peninsula. During his journey from a laborer to project manager, Phil has always gravitated towards craftsmanship and quality in building projects. Over the years he has gained trusting relationships with his clients by ensuring clear communications and commitment to their vision while being mindful of the projects' budget. Phil's drive to providing service of the highest quality in construction, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with clients clear and concise pushed him to start his own company in 2022. Today Crabbe Construction & Design is a family owned business that is eager to cater to your project's specific needs in a timely manner




Deck & Fence Job

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